About Us

About Us

Mission and Vision

     The mission of St. Michael Academy is to form young disciples to be spiritually, intellectually, and socially prepared to integrate gospel values for living a Catholic, Christian life in a secular world. We are committed to providing a Christian environment where students experience God through exploration of their lives and the wonders of His creation. The Academy envisions itself as a partner with parents; sharing the educational ministry of the Church.


     We, of St. Michael Academy, as an academic community within the faith community of St. Michael Parish, serve an ethnically, socially, and economically diverse segment of San Diego.

     Believing in the values, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual as a child of God, the parents, administration, faculty, and staff of St. Michael Academy recognize the right of each child to grow to the fullness of his or her potential in a faith-filled atmosphere of reverence and respect.

     We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators in the faith of their children. Teachers in our parish school assist parents in the formation of Disciples of Christ who permeate society with Gospel values through their witness to Christ.

     We believe that Christian educators should participate in the educational ministry of their Church and that teachers should be faithful disciples. To this end, they should develop a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, understand more fully the Gospel message, integrate it into their lives, and assist students to be open to the Holy Spirit as He guides them on their faith journey.